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We are passionate about representing and developing the Hollywood of South Africa and couple the incredible talent locally on an international and local platform.  We also support the best business speakers to get their special message across on a global conference arena in the top business conferences in the world. 


We recognise and guide where people's true talent lies and nurture it to reach their full potential whether it's an Acting, Presenting, being an MC or well-respected keynote speaker.  Our Mission is to find opportunities to showcase their talent and elevate clients expectations by aligning talent to match the clients' vision.


STARk Raving prides itself being one of the leading Talent Agencies in South Africa.  


Don't play with fire, play with STARk STARS!


Kimberleigh STARk

Kimberleigh STARk is the CEO of STARk Raving.  She is from California, Actress over 20 international films working with Robert Mitchum, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Zane, Susan Dey to name a few.  She is a Producer, Director, Casting Director, Agent for up and coming talent and established talent locally and internationally.  STARk is also an acclaimed Radio Host, and a Chair for the SAFTAs, Judge for International Emmy Awards and International Oscar Awards.


STARk's recently worked on projects with How do I look?  E! Entertainment, Generations, Mvangu to name a few.


Kimberleigh is very hands-on with her training and works very closely with her talent. STARk also offers bespoke one on one coaching for business professionals who speaks publically, need to present to global stakeholders and one on one Media Training.


What makes STARk Raving STARS Different?



Auckland Park

Contact us: info@starksa.co.za

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Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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