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Live in your STARS, play in ours.  Our classes and coaching will allow our STARS to live forever and not become a falling star.  It's a life skill that will make you shine brightly amongst your peers.  STARS are mightier than the word.  They bring stories to life.  They deliver boring stats and make it interesting. 


STARk Raving STARS can perform Unscripted.  They learn to improvise. They Rise.  They Shine Authenticity. Our STARS smiles back. They are born and bred with the STARk Methodology. 

Acting 101 Course

The acting 101 course is just that.  It is the foundation course that will give you the structure to build your career.  Acting is not just about learning scripts and sitting in the make up chair; there is so much that has to happen before you get to that part.


For Example, if the director says he wants to block a scene; what does that mean and what do you need to already have in place to do that?  In this course we will cover the following, to get you ready for Lights, Cameras and Action!





What you will learn?


1) How to prepare for an audition.  The physical and mental warm-ups you need to do.

2) How to understand and memorize a script.  Understanding how to embrace the character you are about to portray

3) How to express emotion through your voice and body

4) Set etiquette is key if you want to be and remain successful in this world

5) Terminology: Understanding the language of the industry is paramount if you want to show your professionalism

6) Your public persona and how to manage it.  There are many do's and dont's when managing your "fans"and the media.  We will touch on this subject so you don't find yourself in a media storm.


Let's get you famous for the right reasons


Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2019 

Cost: R1 800 (Exclusive of Vat) 

Time: 09h00 - 16h00

Includes Certificate of Completion 

Includes Take Away Material


The Art of Performance 

In this course, we will build upon our foundation.  It truly is an art and it is a magical journey when everything comes together seamlessly.   To be able to tell a story beautifully and witness your audience get lost in imagination, is not only fulfilling, but it is also a very powerful feeling.


In this course, we will work in depth on the script and character development.  We will also teach you how to not only embrace but to display the honesty that is necessary to truly succeed and immersing into set character. 


We will learn how to connect and disconnect with emotions and those of the characters we portray.


This class is for the genuinely committed actor.

Date of Training: 14 March 

Cost R1800 exclusive of vat

Time: 09h00 - 16h00

Includes Certificate of Completion 

Includes Take Away Material




Actors Reading Script
The Directors Cut

This is the course where we take all our acting skills to the next level.  We take our basics and spice them up with methodology and confidence. 


There are many acting methods out there, personally, we like combining various methods to design one that suits you. We will look at a few and find what works for you as an individual. 


Once we find your rhythm we will apply it to our script and character.  We will then film your performance and analyze it.  Once you can see your strengths and weaknesses we can then begin the process of refining your craft.  Once that happens the confidence that you need to impress the casting director and ultimately the director will at last shine through.


This class is only for seasoned actors that have taken part in the art of performance.


You have to have a solid foundation to benefit from this course.


For our beginners, you would require to do acting 101 before you can take part in any classes so that you would be able to fully understand how to apply the skill. 


Once you have done 101, we will assess and decide together what would be the best next step for you to follow to build your dream into a reality.


Date of Training: Wednesday, 20 March 2019 

Cost R2650 exclusive of vat

Time: 09h00 - 16h00

Includes Certificate of Completion 

Includes Take Away Material

Bespoke assessment for each delegate

by Kimberleigh Stark




The Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking is a skill all artists and business people alike need to have.   Stand in front of a group of people, hold their attention, and truly be heard is an art in itself.  Having your audience understand and become immersed in your story is vital.  


Whether you are speaking to stakeholders or at an awards ceremony, understanding and gauging your audience is paramount. 


We will work on communicating your content.

Assessing your body language

Put you on camera so you can see what you audience sees and hear what your audience hears

We will learn how to handle curve balls that may be thrown your direction whilst you are speaking 

We will help you get those pesky nerves under control


We will help you tell your story. 


Date of Training: Thursday, 21 March 2019 

Cost R1 800 exclusive of vat

Time: 09h00 - 16h00

Includes Certificate of Completion 

Includes Take Away Material




Talk Show Set
Giving a Speech
Managing your STAR Brand

In today's digital age it is essential for actors and business people to know how to grow and protect their brand.


When you work and live in the public domain it is very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the road.  This can break your brand easily.


Knowing how to manage your brand will not only make you money, it will help your star shine brighter!


We will be bringing in South Africa's top digital marketer to reach you how to navigate your brand safely through the internet highway and help you reach your ultimate destination. 


Date of Training: Wednesday, TBC

Cost R2650 exclusive of vat

Time: 09h00 - 16h00

Includes Certificate of Completion 

Includes Take Away Material




Girls' Night Out
The Actors Club

Professional actors understand the importance of consistency in order to stay in top shape you need to exercise.


The actors club is a weekly workshop for actors that are serious about their craft.  Once a week, we will get together on script interpretation, taking direction, on camera performance and various exercises to keep us fit and ready for action.


We will discuss what is happening in the industry in both South Africa and around the world.  We will also choose a monologue and master it so that we can perform it in a showcase at the end of the year.  We are competing on an international scale and we need to work extra hard so we can show the world what awesome actors South Africa have to offer.





Date of Training: Monday, 4 March 2019 

Cost R150 per class

Time: 18h00 - 19h30

Includes Showcase end of the year




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